About us

Al Agua Patos was born in 1994 as a manufacturer of high-end children's swimsuits, hand in hand with Ana Pujol. Little by little the diversity of products has been expanding, currently offering all kinds of accessories to swimsuits. In 2008 we launched our first winter collection. In a first phase we focused on knitwear for babies. Currently the winter collection has been extended to children of all ages, with clothing and knitwear. Both collections, summer and winter, have only one point in common: a "classic-renewed" air with which a large family can be dressed, from the baby to the eldest, whether it is a girl or a boy, and since the last couple of years, we offer the same prints for parents as well.

Our swimwear collection is known for the infinite range of products that we design in the same pattern, thus offering the possibility of combining all members of the family, from a newborn baby, to parents and mothers.

Sustainability, best quality and the attention to the small details are our main values

Local production

Local production is a priority in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy, thus minimizing the need for transportation.

Our collections are made between our atelier in Barcelona and small proximity ateliers, with experience, passion and professionalism. We are looking for ateliers that conform to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) with sustainability certification.

We use natural, recycled and sustainable materials that cause the least possible damage to the planet and offer the best possible quality.

We think that we play an important role on the planet and, therefore, we try to be as sustainable as possible, and have the planet in our minds everytime we need to produce something. We are convinced that together we can contribute to saving the planet.


To design each of our garments we have our children and the planet in our mind. We value quality before quantity; therefore, we take care of all the details until we get the perfect piece, and make sure we are producing what moms want for their children. In all our garments it is easy to appreciate the importance we give to small details. We design sustainable, timeless pieces with high quality designs. This allows us to pass this clothes generation to generation and, therefore, contribute with a grain of sand to our planet with our way of doing.

We always look for conscious solutions or alternatives at every step of the process; such as the reduction of water consumption, the use of botanical dyes and the elimination of plastics from our packaging. During the last years we have changed all our packaging to move to the most sustainable way possible to carry out our sales.

We work to create collections that have a positive impact without damaging the planet, or wasting scarce resources.

Quality and attention to detail

Our garments are made from the best materials to protect the skin of the little ones while taking care of our planet. We use materials that certify the high quality of our products. this can be noted with the high durability of our products.

To also protect the little ones from the sun, we have incorporated a new lycra that carries 80UV protection in all swimsuits and pieces for the bathing season.

The attention to detail in all our pieces is highly appreciated and well-known from our clients. All of them have something that makes them unique, whether it is a complement or a combination of colors that give it that “Al Agua Patos” touch that identifies us so much.

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